About ISDI

  • ISDI provides imaging solutions for cutting-edge medical, scientific and other technological application domains through re-thinking the entire imaging acquisition process.
    • With many of ISDI's core team having wide-ranging involvement in delivering some of the World's most complex imaging systems, we understand more about the theory and practice of imaging - from charged particles to the infra-red - then other imaging companies.
  • At the heart of ISDI's capability is the specification, design and implementation of custom imaging sensors to optimally meet the customer's distinct imaging needs.
    • Active Pixel Sensors - based on leading CMOS technology - enable unique sensors to be fabricated that can break the constraints of commercially available imagers, which will usually be a compromise for any specialized imaging need. Active Pixel Sensors offer unrivalled levels of functionality, flexible readout and speed. By closely coupled them with MEMS and other technologies, it is now possible to consider totally new imaging modalities.
  • ISDI, through an extensive network of consultants, academics and industry specialists, has access to world-class expertise and facilities.
    • Europe has a major lead in many aspects of scientific and medical imaging technology through long-term commercial and government investments - it is this background that ISDI can tap into.
  • By out-sourcing appropriate activities yet maintaining a proven system of quality management, ISDI can offer exceptional imaging solutions at reasonable cost and on realistic time-scales.