Isdi supplies various wafer-scale imagers that are optimised for wide range of markets and applications, such as healthcare, biomedical, scientific instrumentation and much more. We have imagers with different pixel sizes varying from <5 μm up to >200 μm pitch. Furthermore, our imaging detectors offer a variety of functions that can improve overall image quality and allow many flexible read-out options to users. Most of our wafer-scale imagers are 3-side buttable so can be used to realise large mosaiced arrays.

Depending for your requirements, we can offer output resolutions from 10 bits up to 16 bits with multiple on-chip ADCs. We have outstanding pixel architectures for optical (both visible and beyond) and with radiation-hard performance exceeding 10 Mrads. Furthermore ISDI possesses unique linear pixel techniques that provide dynamic ranges in excess of 90 dB.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss our current sensor performance and availability, how we may work with you to develop unique sensor to match your application.